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The UPwards Leader

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Thinking for a moment on what a good name would be for this blog, the word “upwards” came to mind. Those of us who grew up in the 80’s knew this term well, from “upward mobility” to Yuppie-types that had straight-line career trajectories during those simpler times. Or were they simpler?

The Free Dictionary gives definitions of upward as mainly toward a higher plane or level, or toward a higher position of hierarchy or socioeconomic position. That being said, leaders, true leaders (defining that will be another post) are those who only move people and organizations upward.

After all, is someone truly leading when things are status quo, or worse, deteriorating? Aren’t goals and business strategies designed to move up the purpose, philosophy, programs, and/or profits of the organization? A goal or leader that strives or drives things downward is suicidal and most likely not worthy of a leader tag.

So let us ponder the possibility of upward. As we muse what those possibilities are, let’s anchor ourselves on a solid core of leadership principles while climbing the mountain ever upward towards success.

As Casey Kasem would say each week, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.” Another 80’s staple that is still true today.

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