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Leadership – The Greatest Profession

There I was, sitting in one of our regular sales meetings. While this had been a tremendously busy time of year, we endured an otherwise positive but long day of corporate goals, product demos, and individual achievements. As is our routine, our division president stood before us to wrap up with an encouraging stump speech to get us motivated for the coming weeks.

Near the end of a heartfelt and authentic talk, he shared a bit of his sales experience and capped the thought by stating “I truly think that sales is the greatest profession out there.”

In reviewing those words over the next few days, I have come to believe quite differently. Sales may be a great career in terms of potential income and personal development. Customers may be satisfied by the product or service provided; however is there anything truly lasting in the transaction? Products wear out or are consumed, and services need to be retained, so the lasting impact is truly limited.

The greatest profession is one that gives the most lasting positive impact on everyone and everything involved. The one that benefits individuals, organizations, common values, and vision not just for the immediate, but for years and generations to come.

The greatest profession of all is LEADERSHIP.

Leadership transforms personal lives (Zig Ziglar). It develops countries (Founding Fathers, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi) It changes industries (Henry Ford, Steve Jobs). It creates successive leaders over multiple generations (GE’s Reginald Jones).

Leadership takes the form of a mother who nurtures her children to use their gifts to live a better life. It is personified in the volunteer who steps forth to save a life during a disaster, thus keeping a family dream alive. It is the spirit in a country that is faced with a grave threat and barks back “Never, never, never, never give up!”. It is leadership that creates jobs, mentors people, shares vision, and grows teams that multiply over time and revolutionize their worlds.

Leadership, in every capacity, transcends all professions to make the world greater every day.

What could be a greater calling in life?

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