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#ThursdayThought – Establish Boundaries For Success

A lot of managers and small business owners struggle to overcome the rogue behaviors of their staff, and even sometimes their customers.

It’s usually because they’ve allowed certain unproductive, and in some cases abusive, behavior to creep in. Once those habits are ingrained, they tend to take over a culture.

In order to change the work dynamic, a good leader needs to establish a firm but healthy boundary.

Boundaries are the guardrails whereby good and conducive behaviors fall in line and unacceptable behaviors are jettisoned.

They are established with the bigger vision of what the culture should be, ample communication for clarity on all sides and coaching to the model being laid out.

However if rogue behaviors continue after communicating the expectations and coaching, the only recourse is to remove those individuals that are not willing to exhibit the correct culture in their actions.

Counter-culture behaviors will choke the life force out of your organization and prevent not just growth, but sustainability and harmony in the workplace.

Establishing behaviors can be a scary venture to some, but they are necessary for survival to ensure everyone is on the same page in order to move forward together.

Don’t be afraid of establishing boundaries. There will be resistance when people are held accountable. But it shows who is willing to be a team player and who is not, and makes your role easier to manage success in the long term.

Boundaries are the best way to grow healthy businesses, marriages, teams, communities and organizations. Not everyone is a fit for certain cultures and a good leader recognizes this without guilt but with empathy.

Be fair and firm in making a healthy environment for others to thrive. You owe it to those but also yourself to make your life prosperous and successful.

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#ThursdayThought – The Impact Of A Smile

The biggest and best antidote to alleviate stress and build trust and camaraderie in the workplace is quite simple.

Make ’em smile.

Smiling has been a proven diffuser for difficult customer issues. I should know, my grandfather was the best at it. And when it comes to diffusing difficult culture and trust issues in the workplace, a leader’s ability to smile and get their people to smile is a powerful ability.

Corny jokes and workplace pranks aside – although in the right spirit and professionalism they can have a valid impact – just a simple smile of appreciation, breaking up a tense situation or exuding a positive vibe can lift peoples spirits and boost performance.

It also bridges the gap between levels of leadership when others see across those levels a real human being that they can relate to.

Make an impact for your people ,,, make ’em smile 🙂

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#ThursdayThought – The High Cost Of Easy


Last week my schedule had me arriving home in the evening. I didn’t want to take the time to cook dinner as I had much to do that night, so I ordered dinner from a local pizza place. In and out in under 2 minutes, I got home and ate while I prepared to get work done that night.

Only I got nothing done. My dinner made me feel lethargic and horrible the rest of the evening.

That was the trade-off of cooking healthy at home versus eating something quicker and not as good for me in the name of “easy”.

Business owners, busy people, young mobile adults – all of us want the easy button.

In our automated world easy has become easier, but not necessarily cost-free.

We forego face to face relationships in lieu of texting and emails. Context goes out the window, as does a true understanding of the person you are communicating with.

We want to automate reporting but then are incapable of knowing the numbers and how they’re derived.

We hear that someone from another company will support our onboarding or help us with a new project, and we defer to them to do it all. With no skin in the game, we have no working knowledge of the system or tool we’ve been set up with. The cost to use it doesn’t save us any money, we say. But that’s because we wanted easy and did not follow through with effort on our own end.

We sign on for third-party companies to process orders, deliver goods and manage data for us. But we give up the last mile of customer experience, the IP of our customer’s information and ultimately our brand. We’re not vertically integrated because it’s not easy.

I love tech and the benefits to our lives. When we use it to enrich what we do, it does make living nicer. But when the trade-off for easy costs us, we should reconsider why we’re going for easy.

Weigh the cost of easy. If it means you don’t have to do a single thing, it’s most likely going to leave you with a bad feeling in your stomach. It might be easy going down, but hard to digest when you give up getting ahead.




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