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#ThursdayThought – Encouraging Other Leaders

2 Great leaders instill hope and encourage others at all times. (1)

Last week Square CFO Sarah Friar announced she was departing to take the helm as CEO of Nextdoor.

In response, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square (and Twitter) sent her a series of encouraging texts to prepare Friar for the challenges – and success – he believes she’ll have in the role.

What was most enlightening was the encouragement Dorsey gave Friar. Not in the three points of wisdom, but in the preface for the message:

“In considering what you’re about to take on, I believe it’s best to highlight some challenges you’ll likely face. I have no doubt you’ll be able to overcome all,”

Leaders, do we celebrate and encourage others new endeavors, even when that means departure from your team to pursue their own goals?

Dorsey took the time to show humility and an opportunity to build Friar up for her big moment.

Great leaders instill hope and encourage others at all times.

Let’s adopt the same behavior as a go forward mindset today.

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#ThursdayThought – Take Time To Think


Do you know what the most powerful strategy is to help your professional personal strategy be more effective?

To be more successful – Take five minutes out of your day to stop and simply think.

Work and life can get incredibly busy and stressful and sometimes the amount of information and activity clouds are ability to process what we’re doing and where we’re going.

By taking five minutes in the middle of every day or at the end of every day stop all activity and distractions and simply think.

Thinking can take many forms – pondering, meditating, writing, drawing – any form to sort or organize, or just to stop and assess where you’re at during the moment – are all profitable ways to allow your brain to gather itself and recharge.

Going to the break room, hiding in your car, or finding some other private place – as well as silencing your cell phone or leaving it at your desk – will I do this precious time for your brain to relax and for you to organize your thoughts and emotions.

The ROI in making this a habit will be exponential in your ability to control the outcome of your days. Your will be sharper, have less stress, and find yourself back in control.

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