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#ThursdayThought – It’s All About The End User

“Should we plan our social media content around a particular platform’s algorithm?”

“We spend more on marketing to sell our products than the R&D for the product.”

“We have to rush this product to meet the deadline or it will cost more money. It’s good enough.”

“I’m not going to spend extra money on a more intuitive website. The customer can order on it just fine.”

It’s all about the end user. #CX #UX

Save time. Save money.

None of it matters if the end user – usually the customer but oftentimes your employee – finds your product or service to be lacking.

In today’s world of better customer experience (CX), gaming a system to make margins or gain efficiency is lost on the customer. What matters to the business or individual consumer is what their they think of your product or service.

If our shortcuts, inability to plan ahead of time, or lack of concern for what we produce make for a poor CX, today’s consumer will leave. Probably even before they click “Submit order”.

Reverse engineer your planning, processes, Six Sigma and cost efficiencies from a starting point of who makes the ultimate decision.

It’s all about the end user.

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#ThursdayThought – Letting Up To Go Forward

Driving in snowy conditions virtually for all my life I’ve learned one thing … if your vehicle starts to slide, don’t apply your brakes.

Instead, it’s become almost second nature for me to take my foot off the gas pedal, and let the car start to slow down. Most of the time, the deceleration will be enough to gain traction and allow me to go safely forward.

Business can be like that. Sometimes plans and strategies start to go sideways, and it’s best to let up a bit.

This allows you to assess the conditions, make course corrections, and then proceed forward.

Going full steam ahead all the time might sound like you’ll steamroll over any obstacle, but in essence you might not to your intended goal as completely and impactfully as if you were able to let up a bit to find how to fix those obstacles.

You’ll end up getting to your end destination more confident and assured in your ability to navigate your industry.

Sometimes you have to let up a bit to go forward. Better safe than sorry.

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#ThursdayThought – EI, Not AI or BI

If you look for top leadership trends in the coming year, there is a lot of overlap among the following themes of what employees expect from their leaders:

  • Change Leadership
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Connection, Respect, Open Conversations
  • Collective Leadership
  • Transparent Workplace Culture
  • Deepening Engagement through Communication and Trust

Now here are some of the top business trends for 2020:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data
  • Nano Technology emerges into the workforce
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more commonplace
  • Data on employees to track productivity and output

In the first group, employees want better leadership to emerge. They want leaders of integrity, servant mindsets, and most importantly, Emotional Intelligence (EI).

In the second group, business wants technology to run things. If business leaders can use AI and BI to make a better workforce, they expect success on their terms.

In spite of the advances in technology, business is and always will be about people. And leaders who recognize this will double down on their being a leader of serving and integrity, rather than bullying through old school methods and newfound technology.

As tech-savvy as the modern workforce is, they want EI over AI and BI, every time.

The evolution of business is and will be predicated by the human spirit, and how people can be connected through a vision versus micromanagement of farming out the spirit to technology.

Wise leaders will meet these needs to greater success than those who do not.

How will you make your EI evolve to become a better leader, and make those around you better?

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