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Input Leads To Greater Leadership Output

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ―Ernest Hemingway

Leaders that know they have areas to improve on are usually defined as great leaders.

That’s due to the fact they take the time to be self-aware and find various means in which they can observe and take in new ideas and ways of thinking to make themselves better.

It’s what Kevin Eikenberry writes about in his blog post “Why Leadership Development Is Self-Development”. All development is an investment in yourself.

Leaders who believe they know everything because of their years of tenure, past experiences and – worse – their title – are not working towards being superior to their former self. In fact they are at risk of producing diminishing returns by not allowing themselves to allow for an influx of new ideas that produce growth.

A leader’s best friend is their ability to learn about themselves and the world at every opportunity. Reading, podcasts, asking questions, connecting in spheres outside of their comfort zone and attending seminars and learning modules (both IRL and virtual) are more available to a leader than any time in history. There is nothing holding back a leader from being more effective, if they desire to learn and grow.

A leader’s output – measured in numerous ways such as reputation, legacy, development of others as well as reporting metrics – can only be multiplied by the amount of input they are willing to digest on a regular basis. And as Lolly Daskal writes, it’s how great leaders are constantly improving.

If you want to do better, learn better. Take your accumulation of facts and experiences and allow new information, new ideas, new thinking and new approaches by others from every walk of life influence your ability to create a better world for those around you.

Learning is the food that feeds the leader. Feed your leadership on those things that make you superior to your former self and bring others along to a better world.

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

#ThursdayThought – Is Your Vision Clear?

If you decide to hop in the car, ignore your GPS and just drive with no real destination, you will end up somewhere.

But you may waste time and gas in doing so.

If you drive through a giant mud puddle and then don’t wash off the windshield, you will have a difficult time seeing where you’re going.

If you don’t bother to turn on your headlights when you drive at night, you might be able to navigate on a well lit urban street. But on an unlit rural road, you may go into a ditch.

Having a clear vision is not only imperative for driving, but in defining the direction your life, your career or your organization is going in.

Make sure your vision is always clear. People are always inspired by leaders with a crystal clear view of the future.

It’s what will get you going everyday.

(Image by Igor Schubin from Pixabay)

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