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#ThursdayThought – Is Your Vision Clear?

If you decide to hop in the car, ignore your GPS and just drive with no real destination, you will end up somewhere.

But you may waste time and gas in doing so.

If you drive through a giant mud puddle and then don’t wash off the windshield, you will have a difficult time seeing where you’re going.

If you don’t bother to turn on your headlights when you drive at night, you might be able to navigate on a well lit urban street. But on an unlit rural road, you may go into a ditch.

Having a clear vision is not only imperative for driving, but in defining the direction your life, your career or your organization is going in.

Make sure your vision is always clear. People are always inspired by leaders with a crystal clear view of the future.

It’s what will get you going everyday.

(Image by Igor Schubin from Pixabay)

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