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7 Ways To Re-Energize Yourself For The Coming Year

Change Mgmt Not Everyone's Cup of TeaWe are in the time of year where we’re forced to consider many intersects of our work and personal lives.

End of year projects, budgets, and tasks getting resolved that overlap the increased activity of family, friends, and festivities. Not to mention time for shopping, winter chores, and cooking for the myriad of get-togethers in both home and office.

And yet leaders look to set themselves new goals and generate some excitement for the coming year when they are typically the most frantic and busy.

So how does a leader re-energize themselves? Here are 7 simple ways in no particular order to help us get ready for the coming year:

Relax. Block out some time for yourself. Have a quiet coffee shop break, or take a longer drive home to see the holiday lights. Book some quiet time for yourself and shut off your device to allow your brain and body to rest and alleviate tension. Sleep in at least one morning.

Reset. The coming year is a great psychological gift. Use it! What happened in the past year can either carry on for the new one or be a lesson to improve – it’s all up to you. Celebrate completed goals and write off those fallen short as object lessons, or use them with new focus, or replace them altogether.

Restore. This is a great time to clean and organize your office and home. This act of restoring order to a chaotic and frenetic year not only is symbolic, but allows you to operate in a calm baseline. Apply this to other areas – teams, goals, celebrations, etc – and return to the real cause of what you want to impact,

Reconnect. We can’t squeeze everyone in during this time, but sometimes reconnecting with old friends or colleagues and tell them how much you appreciate them can go along way in refocusing your relationships. Phone calls work best, but texts or social media messages can go a long way to start the ball rolling.

Refresh. Look over your core values and mission for yourself and your company. Read it every day for the rest of the year. Then make a “to be” list for WHO you want to become, not what you want to accomplish. Focus on character building and influence rather for the year to build yourself and others around you.

Remind. Look at past failures and vow to learn and never make them again. Look at your goals and build ways to make them a reality. Dream big daily and keep a clear vision for what you set out to do in your life.

Recharge. This should always be the last point. Once all other areas are tended to, then you should recharge. Or, more properly, re-Charge. Charge forward with new perspective and a healthier attitude for the coming year. Don’t wait until January 1st to do so; get a head start so it becomes more than just a New Year’s Resolution. Make it a habit early so as to instill a better chance for success in the long term.

While this is a great time to be others-minded, use the last couple of weeks of the year wisely for yourself. Enjoy the holidays, and the process to continue to grow.

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Success Means Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize


Why do some people succeed, and others fail miserably?

Why do some leaders get derailed (mostly due to self-inflicted behaviors) and others succeed over the most impossible odds against them?

Why do Olympic archers hit bulls-eyes with remarkable accuracy?

Why do servers never spill a drop of your beverage as they move quickly across the restaurant?

And finally, why do so few overcome adversity, while others are overcome by adversity?

The simple answer, is they keep there eyes on the prize.

Seriously from any¬†cliche, those that succeed don’t waver from the goal set before them. They know what lies ahead, forget what lies behind, and set aside those things that easily encumber them on their road to finishing their race well. They are goal oriented, instead of circumstance oriented.

It’s not enough to know the steps to succeed, the processes, the mindset, and even the jargon. It’s essential that you only keep focused on what really matters, what has long-lasting positive impact, and is profitable, not merely monetarily but in the impact it means for others around you as well.

Those that fail to succeed simply have taken their eyes off the ball. They did not keep the finish line ahead of them and real enough to run their race well. They allowed the pain of running and the easy way off the course to shipwreck their race.

But the great news is that if you’ve been one of those who has allowed your circumstances to pick you off course, you can start afresh … today.

Write down your goals, marinate your thinking in what is good, true, and profitable, and enjoy the hard fought journey towards that calling or goal that satisfies.

Never, ever, ever take your eyes off the prize. It’s hard work that pays huge dividends.

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Challenge Your Leadership Behavior In 2017


Your goals are set for this New Year.

Your plans are mapped out and being implemented.

All your action steps are outlined and you are ready to proceed.

But none of that makes a difference in you don’t change behaviors as well.

Changing WHAT we do can yield some cursory results, but it’s changing HOW we do it, namely our behaviors, that will deliver profound, sustainable, and lasting results each year and beyond.

Think of the ways these behavior changes will challenge your leadership this year:

  • Remove every limiting thought that prevents you from growing
  • Read everything you can, even of dissenting opinion
  • Stand firm to truth and don’t compromise and water down your values
  • Change your approach to planning
  • Listen, truly listen, to everything presented to you
  • Be willing to change your leadership model
  • Be willing to change your business model
  • Put your own goals aside and focus solely on other people’s goals
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go to sleep 30 minutes later – use this time to plan and read
  • Eliminate time-wasters in your day
  • Make use of white space in your schedule
  • Plan time to, well, plan
  • Look at “AND” cases, not just “Either-Or”
  • Gamify your performance by rewarding accomplishments
  • Be more willing to serve in your circumstances

Actions are only as effective as the behaviors that drive them. By changing your behaviors that come through a change in mindset, you will accomplish more lasting success in the months ahead.

Challenge your leadership and change your behaviors by getting out of your comfort zone.

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