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Book Review – Positive Influence

Positive influence is a term I’ve used many times over the years. And now authors Michael Parker and Glenn Parker have put together a practical book that brilliantly defines the term.

The premise of Positive Influence is summed up very succinctly in the subtitle “The Leader Who Helps People Become Their Best Self“. Leaders who use their platform to make other people the best that they can become in a powerfully positive manner end up leaving an incredible legacy. And as the authors point out, not just in the leader’s life, but in the countless lives of others they have influenced.

Michael and Glenn take you through a variety of business people, entertainers, politicians and everyday people form all spectrum and facets of life to support their studies of positive, influential leaders.

The four portions of the book are simple and fundamentally sound for transforming the leadership impact you can create.

They start by establishing the interconnected world and symbiosis we all need and have in one another. They show how teamwork (one of Glenn’s hallmark focuses in his career) and leaning on others are the basis for anything worthwhile that is accomplished.

They then explain and elaborate on the four types of positive leaders – the Supportive Leader, the Teacher Leader, the Motivating Leader and the ROle Model Leader. They show great examples of these types and how their impact is still felt in present day.

The next section shows the leaders how they can help other people become their best self during times of crisis and in transforming negative influences into positive ones. Michael and Glenn emphasize the importance of serving others as an integral part for this to succeed.

Finally, the authors sum up the last section with the various tools and resources leaders need to be impactful in making others better.

The book is written in a positive, motivational and conversational style, with a number of lists laid out to make it easy to take notes and keep in mind the steps to change your leadership influence in a lasting and gratifying way.

Positive Influence is recommended reading if you want to truly make a difference in others’ lives and leadership. It will change the way you look at both your role and leadership as a whole.


Book Review – Inside Your Customer’s Imagination

Legendary customer experience speaker and author Chip R. Bell has released another great tome to lift your customer innovation to another level.

Inside Your Customer’s Imagination takes a circle of co-creation with customers to discover what’s needed and partner with them to create those products, services and experiences that have yet to be discovered.

Chip instructs and challenges leader and companies to start where we know we should but often forget: at the customer level.

By establishing a “Be The Customer” framework of Curiosity through proper listening, he lays out a plan to map out the process to discover breakthrough solutions, even when the customer doesn’t know what they want (which is often).

Chip takes us through the Grounding phase which separates clear focus from unrealistic aspirations, then establishes a Discovery phase which encourages risk taking after those realistic focuses are understood.

The last two phases of Trust and Passion secure a partnership that’s pure and mutual while creating an excitement that creates reciprocity and generosity among all parties.

Chip’s writing style continues in his unique observations, fun stories and illustrations, all the while offering practical methods to enable leaders to adopt these principles and create an innovation partnership with customers in a world craving breakthrough ideas.

I recommend Inside Your Customer’s Imagination to not only map out a new journey in customer experience and innovation, but also help understand how to become a better listener to customers and create a better dynamic in world needing both innovation and connection.


Book Review – Mindset Mondays

There have been a good number of books about changing your mindset. From books on can-do attitudes to positive thinking to enabling better habits and behaviors, many of these books have been helpful to thousands of readers over the years.

Where David Taylor-Klaus’ book Mindset Mondays differs is it comes from experience. Not others, but his own.

Taylor-Klaus starts off in the introduction with a story of his personal struggle and how a moment of clarity enabled him to discover a means in which to help others with proven principles to change their thinking and transform their lives.

Limiting mindsets hold countless people back from their potential and true happiness. And whether external or internal forces impact those thoughts, Mindset Mondays seeks to establish an achievable framework to lift the reader out of those forces and into a sustained pattern of mental empowerment.

The author takes the time in the very beginning and at the end of each chapter to review his REWIRE framework. It’s a pattern of discipline to Reflect, Experiment, Write, Investigate, Revise and Expand by taking some forgotten methods and re-implementing them to sharpen your thought patterns and exercise your mind.

While this book seems large by today’s standards – over 350 pages – it’s extremely concise and well written. Each chapter is a conversation with the author and the reader to tell a story relating to the many facets of changing up your mindset. And with 52 chapters, Taylor-Klaus has come up with almost every conceivable angle to penetrate and disruptive a mindset that limits the reader.

Every chapter is easily read and digested, allowing you to connect with the message and readily put into play the patterns Taylor-Klaus lays out. For instance the Chapter on “Edit Your Life” helps you think of your life as a work of art in progress, a masterpiece yet to be completed.

David Taylor-Klaus weaves timeless quotes from great thinkers into the exact places where they make the most impact. The result of his writing and the layout of the book is a terrific read that truly helps people change their lives in a practical and sustainable way.


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