About The UPwards Leader

Leadership principles that lift people upwards towards a more positive impact in their sphere of influence.

My purpose here is to serve others by inspiring thought and belief in solid principles that are proven and time-tested. It is my goal to encourage and edify leaders and leaders-to-be to the next level of effectiveness.

Here you will find leadership stories that inspire. Principles that are solid and time-tested. Methods that are foundationally simple yet create deep, lasting results. Leadership thoughts that will challenge you to grow.

I encourage you to comment and participate. By sharing and building each other up, we can help each other realize our potential in ways we never could before. Even better, we can influence those around us in ways we never dreamed possible.


  1. Thank you for your essay on listening UP. I have forwarded it to key staff in our organization, not because its revolutionary, but because it is a reminder of the values that we subscribe to, but often need restatement. It is a great expression of what I believe is an essential foundation for an effective leader.


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