About Paul LaRue

Paul LaRue’s mission is to inspire and develop the current and next generations of burgeoning leaders to lead with character and integrity. “We need to encourage each other if we are to achieve a more positive influence.”

He has built his career on engaging solid, character-based leadership principles throughout the hospitality and service industries. Having been privileged to work with great leaders from all parts of the world, Paul’s life ambition is to instill a passion for leadership change in today and tomorrow’s generation of leaders.

Paul is a consultant to the service and hospitality industries, as well as an author, writer, blogger, speaker, and encourager of people. His first book, Leadership LIFT,  outlines the ways each one of us can bring our influence to the next level, He is also an contributor for Lead Change Group, a global leadership community dedicated to instigating a character-based leadership revolution. His articles can also be found on Connection Culture and Let’s Grow Leaders.

He has forged his approach from key mentors in the hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, and distribution industries. His experience in private, government, and non-profit sectors enable him to see the common and unique needs we desire in our leaders and ourselves.

Paul attended Plymouth State University in their Business college. He was one of the keynote speakers for Amerinet’s Leadership Council conference and has spoken to hundreds of groups and organizations in training and leadership development. Paul also holds a biblical worldview on human behavior and development and continues to work toward us understanding ourselves to reach our best potential.

Building connections, influencing others, and helping each other grow are vital components to growth and reaching our maximum impact.

If you would like Paul to work with you, your team, or your organization please feel free to contact him below:


(603) 581-4124




You can also follow Paul on social media:

Twitter: @paul_larue

Facebook: The UPwards Leader

  1. Donna Rodriguez

    Hi Paul,
    It is nice to come across your site. I am encouraged already by your thoughts and your mission. I too, hold a Biblical worldview on human behavior and development. I believe that in order to lead, transformational leaders are necessary…those that lead with vision, character, integrity and embrace the global community. I am presently re-reading Spiritual Leadership by Henry & Richard Blackaby and one of my favorite authors is Ronald Heifetz, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership as I continue my education with Capella University towards a Doctorate in Public Administration.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Donna Rodriguez


  2. Hi Paul, sorry for posting this here; I couldn’t see an email contact,

    My name is Mark.

    I noticed that you tweeted one of my favorite articles from Seth Godin’s Blog, “To overcome an irrational fear…”

    I was hearing from my readers that they wanted something more in depth about the topic so I went ahead and created this post:


    It discusses some background neuroscience and a practical system for coping with anxieties.

    If you have time I’d love for you to check it out, and if you like it, it would be awesome if you could share it or maybe leave a comment.

    Mark Rogers Ph.D


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