Book Review – Good Comes First

What makes a book on leadership and organizational culture good, versus one that sucks?

It is, not ironically, the same thing that makes leadership and work culture not suck. By taking a hard and compassionate look at what you want to accomplish, defining what is good, aligning action off from the theoretical and into the practical, then refining the process until you have the desired results.

Mark Babbit and S. Chris Edmonds have joined their experience of guiding leaders and organizations over a combined 50 years to bring the best book about post-Covid-19 leadership. What they have created in this book is a real guide to transform one’s organization into a place that creates value, respect and results. In a time where failed leadership has had a magnified impact on its constituents, Babbit and Edmonds cut through the malaise to show in real and direct terms how one can change to meet the needs of people in the Social Age.

Good Comes First brings to light the reality that organizational respect for others can be combined with a culture to achieve great results. It cuts through the leadership failings of the top-down Industrial Age and brings to the reader an understanding of where leaders have recently failed us, what a post-pandemic workforce (and people) desire, and, most importantly, how it can be achieved.

And it all starts with the core foundation to make, as the book is named, Good Comes First. Babbit and Edmonds strip down the pretenses of the outmoded leadership styles that don’t apply today and bring from their experience the real-life results of those who have actually made the change to a Good Comes First Culture. They show time and again that when leaders make good come first, and do it correctly, there becomes a transformation in not just results, but also culture that leads to a more sustainable ability to be good, stay good, and do good.

Business leaders struggling to find employees are blaming a labor shortage when what we really have is a RESPECT shortage. The new book Good Comes First helps leaders embed respect daily. Learn more at #GoodComesFirst #culture #leadership

Chris and Mark take the reader through the good, the bad and the ugly of various leaders and the resulting impact to their organization (and the leader themselves) through a myriad of clients they have worked with and other case studies from around the world. With a three-phased approach of Defining, Aligning and Refining, they lay a simple and attainable path to change culture and transform the workplace to a culture that simply “doesn’t suck.” Unfortunately, far too many organizations’ culture doesn’t currently meet the needs of today’s workforce. Yet Babbit and Edmonds take their proven model to show leaders the way forward.

As we emerge from the pandemic and seek a world in where our political, business, faith and local leaders can truly be a force for good, Chris and Mark take the opportunity to show us what good truly looks like. And they very nicely sum up their message with the last line of this great book:

“Do good. Inspire good. And at every opportunity, make sure good comes first.”

A highly recommended book for every leader of scope, place and desire for change that moves forward.


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