#ThursdayThought – Levity Is An Ally

As the old saying goes, “Laughter Is The Best Medicine”.

Levity is a needed commodity in a workplace that needs a pressure release, and a world that needs more light shone upon it.

Humor, clean and respectful, has a place in every aspect of our lives. Yet all to often it’s forsaken because we have a job to do, society is in turmoil, and we can’t possibly minimize the seriousness of the world we live in.

Which is all the more reason we need to laugh. To find amusement, laughter and levity in the most stressful of circumstances.

Levity gives perspective. It releases endorphins and take the pressure off. It refreshes the soul, sharpens the mind, and builds connection if done respectfully.

Oftentimes people infuse humor into a meeting, workshop or presentation to create relatability, foster engagement, and increase learning.

But many times levity happens because it’s needed. The team needs a release, a pressure valve. And the person who can do that brings people and teams closer together.

Levity can be an ally, to our jobs, communities, and groups. It’s an overlooked human need that heals, and truly is the best medicine.

One we need more than ever.

(Image by Alexandra ❤️A life without animals is not worth living❤️ from Pixabay)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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