#ThursdayThought – Pre-Determined Outcomes

Have you ever filled out a customer survey and felt like the company didn’t ask the right questions?

It’s because the company only cared to ask the questions they wanted to ask.

This may or may not be wrong.

Sometimes companies need to ask certain questions because they’re lagging behind in certain metrics or have an initiative to improve on the areas they posed in their questionnaire.

But many times companies just ask questions they know will be scored positively. That way they can brag to shareholders and the public of how great they fare in those areas.

Either way, these surveys are not built to truly get the open feedback of their customers.

They are built to get pre-determined outcomes. And that leave out the customer voice almost in it’s entirety.

Better yet are those surveys that ask open ended – not ranked, not multiple choice questions. That allows customers – and employees if the surveys are employee facing – to truly express their praise or concerns.

You get what you measure. A company that stacks the deck only shortchanges itself.

Every customer touchpoint – both external and internal customers – should always be an opportunity for people to voice their true feelings. It’s the starting point for true connection and success.

(Image by Goumbik from Pixabay)

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