Leadership Gives Value, Not Take It Away

People have an intrinsic value that the best leaders know how to ascribe or give notice to.

Yet many poor so-called leaders resort to devaluing an individual. These attempts to “power over” others is not leadership.

In some instances a leader can devalue a skilled employee yet that same employee with the right boss can be edified where their talents and contributions and intangibles are noted.

A mined gem can look rough and the layperson can say that it may have some value, but it takes a skilled gemologist to see the gem for what it really is. Once its true inherent value is attached that gem is now known for what it has always possessed.

Think of the basketball player who doesn’t put a very good stat line but the intangibles they bring are highly coveted by the coach. They may be a fantastic team player, committed to their craft and helping their teammates get better without regard to their own numbers. Their presence on the team and value given by their coach will pay more dividends than someone who is deemed below average by the coaching staff.

Leaders who are true leaders indeed, give value to all of their people by showing these behaviors both in public and in private:

  • Not having favorites
  • Hearing all input from employees
  • Creating a safe space to voice grievances
  • Being objective in all their dealings
  • Giving them the benefit of the doubt
  • Saying AND showing how much they’re appreciated
  • Giving public and private praise
  • Being fair and honest in reviews, promotions and project opportunities
  • Ensuring all systems are fair and if not, the leaders intercedes for those impacted

It’s what leaders see, and how they bring that out in their people, that can make or break an employee. And many leaders unfortunately devalue their people.

Great leaders, leaders who rightfully earn that title by showing their people value at every turn, will ensure as many people have a worth in their team, regardless of what the makeup of those people are. They know that all people have a worth that can benefit the team. Instead of digging for dirt, they dig in the dirt to find the gem, then use their skills to polish them and bring them forth in a position to shine.

How leaders can give or import value onto others can make a tremendous impact on your organization. Everyone you’ve hired has a value, and a good leader will find it and bring it out in their people.

(Image by MasterTux from Pixabay)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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