#ThursdayThought – Know Your Worth

You have more worth then you realize, just consider the the following:

  • The physical and biological odds to which you’re even alive at this moment
  • How many people will risk their lives to save a stranger from an accident, fire or other tragedy
  • Your skills and talents that no one else has that combination of

Just taking stock of what you are is only the beginning of knowing your worth. Now look at these examples of people who have set boundaries to rebuke those who would diminish their worth:

  • A aging quarterback who knew they could still win at a high level seeking a new team who would remunerate them for their market worth
  • The employee who left a company whose tolerance of workplace bullying and failed systems didn’t recognize their loyal hard work and went to a competitor
  • An autistic child who designs a board game that also helps other autistic people find enjoyment and self-worth in a hobby they love

So many teams, companies, organizations and even large swaths of each industry can greatly tell certain people that they aren’t worth much. These messages are sent to those individuals or people groups because of the perceptions of their race, gender, disability, education, age, social status, personality and other petty excuses.

If an organization does not give you worth – the value, vision and voice that is your right – then you’ll need to claim it by setting boundaries, or leaving altogether for an organization that sees your worth.

And that starts from knowing the facts above. Don’t allow anyone else to steal any value from you. Keep in mind that positive correction may always occur and is always necessary for us to grow, but any bullying, humiliation or bias that interferes with your ability to be promoted, work in a safe environment, have opportunity to grow, or just be recognized as a human being needs to be carved out of your life.

Know your worth. How how live is based on the value you place on yourself. And you’ll be amazed how many people will also give you worth once you’ve found it.

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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