Clearing The Obstacles For Your Team

One of the more overlooked aspects in leadership is helping to remove as many obstacles that get in the way of your people succeeding.

A leader can only take an organization so far. It’s the collective, magnified successes of the individuals and teams within your organization that determine the overall achievements of the company.

In order to make your people more successful, a leader should do everything possible to ensure barriers to success are removed. Here are some examples of how leaders can clear away obstacles that hinders their team.

  • Ensure processes and procedures run smoothly. Many times an employee can’t do their job effectively because of barriers that get in their way to accomplishing certain steps. These can include long procedures, tech issues or too many redundant or unnecessary steps in a routine. When processes and procedures have priority over workflow, employees will loose faith in those processes whenever it prevents them from succeeding in their work.
  • Hold leadership and team members accountable for actions that create toxic cultures and hinder synergy. Have you ever had a person who holds things up or never changes because – they claim – they don’t want to do the extra work, or that it takes too much work to change what they do? Or the leader who won’t accept any new ideas unless it’s their own? This type of team or individual self-preservation is selfish and does not allow success at any level, more often than not leading to diminishing returns. Leaders must ensure that all in the organization, including themselves, have a clear vision for knowing what the overall mission is and how they help or hinder any progress towards it.
  • Spend more time and money on proper training to level up your people. Many studies reveal how little resources are spent on training, and when they are allocated, how ineffective it is. Investing in your team is never a waste of money, but it needs to be effective. Sending people to conferences, online learning and other training programs need to be aligned as to how this will enable their people to succeed at their jobs. Training should always be a process of leadership and their staff working to identify what is needed to make the workplace more impactful and successful.
  • Consult with all levels of the organization to identify that impede goals. Line level and field staff tend to know more about the impediments that get in the way of their work. And while good leaders generally have a pulse on those barriers, most of the time when brought to their attention the leader will admit to their employee that they were unaware of those issues. Building an open and accepting forum in which barriers are identified and resolved by every level of the organization will enable the company to move quicker and not have a blind eye or deaf ear to the real obstacles.
  • Remove bottlenecks and unproductive routines that take away from mission critical focuses. Administrative committees that need multiple meetings to approve the next corporate initiative can greatly hinder the speed in which your staff can stay relevant in the marketplace. Long buying processes instill a lack of confidence in your company’s supply chain. Endless drafts to ensure that branded messaging is just right can frustrate your marketing team from being first to publicly message a new concept. If your internal bottlenecks result in a lack of speed, this will negatively impact the ability of your people to do their jobs with confidence or speed as well. Make sure all processes are necessary and expedient while ensuring they still accomplish any branding, purchasing and approval standards, but ensure those standards are mission-critical at all times.

In today’s world speed is not the only thing that matters. The ability of the entire workforce in your organization to be successful is solely the responsibility of the leader. The confidence in your people to accomplish much because they are able will transform your business and create more successful results and more engaged and committed employees.

Take the extra time to remove the obstacles and clear a runway for your team to lift off to greater heights of success.

(Image by Maryam62 from Pixabay)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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