#ThursdayThought – Right Ingredient, Wrong Recipe

If you put mustard on an ice cream sundae it would probably rate as one of the worst tastes you’ve ever experienced.

But when placed on a deli sandwich or a hamburger, that mustard now becomes an excelling ingredient to the meal.

Employees are like that as well.

How many times have you seen an employee struggle in a particular team, department or company, only to thrive in a new environment?

Was it because the employee was a poor performer before, and learned to excel finally with a new chance?

Most likely, it was because the employee was the right one, but the team in which they were formerly on was not a conducive recipe to bring out the qualities of that individual.

You see this many times with athletes who come under coaches on the same or a different team who teach better, appreciate the player’s skills, and give them the chances to succeed.

Employees in companies know when they’re under-appreciated, under-utilized or working for toxic leadership. When someone leaves a team or company and thrives in their new environment, it’s almost always because the former leadership didn’t place a proper value on what the employee possessed for talent.

People always work better and succeed in an environment that allows the flavor of their skills to shine.

(Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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