Triple Net Is The New Bottom Line

“It’s all about the bottom line.”

That’s what traditional, old-school, top-down hierarchy leaders have told their people for decades.

With the tectonic changes in the world and work landscape that occurred in 2020, 2021 seems to have placed permanent importance on two other factors that leaders need to focus their energies on.

A perusal of over a dozen leadership articles of what to expect in the coming year seems to overlap on these two major areas.

Those two areas are Employee Well-being and Leadership Trustworthiness.

Heading into 2020 leaders were starting to gain a broader awareness of employee health, particularly mental health and being aware of workplace bullying. During the initial onset of covid-19 and beyond, that awareness took a broader scope with work-life balance in a remote setting, having engaged staff that feel connected and supported from afar, and ensuring a flexible schedule to juggle concurrently the demands of home and work.

Employees whose well-being is not being addressed will look to leave their companies, and more directly, those leaders, for better options based on the lessons we learned and witnessed took importance from the prior year.

Additionally, the polarization of social and political issues and the engendered erosion of trust in leaders across many institutions have created a void in which leaders must work harder to prove themselves to their people. Employees will most likely have to be reassured repeatedly over time that one’s leadership and agendas are truly authentic and aligned with the greater good of the people as well as that of the organization.

Leaders who rule by fear and other hierarchical power-over methods will find those methods, their people – and possibly their very own jobs and careers – less secure.

As the future of business and leadership move forward into the future, the net bottom line will be forever changed. The numbers at the bottom aren’t just what will drive companies. It will be a three-way metric of profitable growth, employee well-being and leadership trustworthiness that will dictate the sustainability of any organization. And the measure of it’s leadership as well.

(Image by Willi Heidelbach from Pixabay)

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