#ThursdayThought – It’s Alright To Lose

A winning mindset is a good thing. Until you can’t stand to lose.

Winning – making the sale, hitting your metrics, gaining influence, moving forward in your career – are all noble pursuits. Yet if none of these make you a better person or better leader, then what’s the point?

I knew a baseball coach whose desire to win was so intense, over the years he created tension in his players. You could also see the deterioration of the coach’s health as well. He said he was relaxed, but his drive to win became an unhealthy mindset. And as this coach’s position was their second job, he came close to making a shipwreck of his primary job as that drive to win at baseball consumed him 24/7.

This drive also started to create friction at his home and in the community, as he became known as someone who used to be a pleasant person to the coach that no one could stand to be around.

It would have been absolutely alright for this coach to allow himself to lose. It would have made his players less on edge, they would have had a more enjoyable time playing and developing their skills, and the coach would have become a better all-around person.

If you have to win at all costs or win by running over people, you are quite likely to be out of balance in all other areas of your life. Thinking of winning from the moment you get up until the moment you retire at night – because you HAVE to win – is a race to the top that eventually drives one to the bottom at some point in their careers.

Knowing how to lose, and when to lose is a healthy balance. But losing creates something far better than winning. It gives one perspective as to how to improve as a leader and be better the next time. And if that next time is a losing effort as well, it provides another opportunity to learn, grow, get perspective and learn how to lose.

Winning isn’t everything. Everything else is everything.

(Image by Remaztered Studio from Pixabay)

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