#ThursdayThought – A New Chapter

It’s New Year’s Eve and we’re greatly looking for the advent of 2021 and ready to leave 2020, with all it’s pandemic-induced collateral damage behind.

What’s great about January 1st is that every year we have been given a motivational and psychological gift. That the coming year will be a great one, and a new chapter in our lives, perhaps the best one yet.

And while we all look forward to a new year in which to write a new page in our book of life and career, let’s be reminded that we don’t need a new year to do that.

Every day, every hour we live, is always an opportunity to write a new chapter for ourselves.

When we understand what we can control – which is far more than we give ourselves credit for – we can break the bonds of circumstances, bad luck and poor habits. We can give a new start to our lives be the decision to do so at that very moment.

We don’t need a new year to write a new chapter.

So as 2021 ebbs and flows, and we start off with renewed hope, let’s remember that at any time we can change our course. And then again, and again, any day, every day, of any year.

Write your new chapter TODAY. If not now, when?

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

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