Ambitious For 2021? Keep It Simple

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year of unique challenges for leaders across the globe.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, planned strategies have had to be shelved for newer short-term goals. Meeting the newer needs of both employees and customers that have changed and adapted this year has been the new normal. And keeping up with employee needs such as work from home, work-life balance and employee well being (both mental and physical) have consumed many leaders for the bulk of this year.

As we start to set our sights on 2021, with the hopes of the pandemic waning as it runs its course and vaccines are being distributed, it would be very easy to kick our ambitions into the high gear we had hoped at the advent of 2020. In 2021, more than ever, it may be prudent to just keep it simple in our plans and goals.

The tendency to over compensate after a setback such as what this past year has posed is very much a reality. In making up for lost time and lost opportunity one can see how tempting it is to charge forward and try to do everything to reclaim what was lost over the last twelve months.

It makes sense for leaders to keep their goals and plans more simple, yet overarching, in order to maintain the ability to impact the areas of growth for you, your team and your organization while still being able to maintain a consistent pace while the year starts off continuing in the uncertain path we’re concluding this one on.

Creating these simple goals can come in the following methods:

  • Make no more than 3 goals that you know will be the most satisfying to accomplish in 2021
  • While specific, make these goals to have reach in as many areas of your life or work
    • One such goal can be promoting culture, which will also impact hiring, execution and CX
  • Define one actionable step that you can commit to daily and/or weekly to allow this goal to come to fruition
  • Post these goals in front of you – desktop screen, whiteboard, sign, etc – to see them daily and be a compass to simplicity
  • Remember these goals are to keep you successful while maintaining a healthy balance in your comp,any and your personal life as we attempt to lift ourselves out of the pandemic

A leaders nature tends to take advantage of circumstances where they can create the maximum impact, momentum and success in a given situation. And while this is true for coming out of 2020, we need to keep in mind that we as individuals and our people around us might not be ready to go full steam ahead.

2021 can be a successful year if done right, with simple and measured goals, progressing as a foundation for better things to come in the years after.

Keeping things simple isn’t being unrealistic, it’s being realistic about ourselves.

(Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay)

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