#ThursdayThought – Coddling Others Hurts Your Organization

A pastor that fails to hear a spouse’s claim of abuse because they can’t look past the relative good that the person always does.

A boss favoring the sales team because that’s where they think is the most important position.

Keeping a certain client on board because they represent a lot of revenue, although they bully the front line employees.

Allowing an employee’s toxic behavior because they have been loyal to the company for so many years,

When leaders coddle others, they don’t realize the harm they do to the rest of the team.

A ministry ceases to be effective and marriages fail because of coddling a favored parishioner.

Other team members of supporting divisions feel like second class citizens, a cog to the whims of the big dollar makers.

Sending a message that all that matters is money, and not people, because boundaries can’t be drawn against abusive customers.

Team members losing faith in the leader’s credibility, and eventually leaving, because they don’t have that long-term relationship with the boss that goes years back.

Coddling equals bias equals poor leadership. When you tolerate bad behavior, you accept the consequences of splash-back on your organization.

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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