Book Review – Inside Your Customer’s Imagination

Legendary customer experience speaker and author Chip R. Bell has released another great tome to lift your customer innovation to another level.

Inside Your Customer’s Imagination takes a circle of co-creation with customers to discover what’s needed and partner with them to create those products, services and experiences that have yet to be discovered.

Chip instructs and challenges leader and companies to start where we know we should but often forget: at the customer level.

By establishing a “Be The Customer” framework of Curiosity through proper listening, he lays out a plan to map out the process to discover breakthrough solutions, even when the customer doesn’t know what they want (which is often).

Chip takes us through the Grounding phase which separates clear focus from unrealistic aspirations, then establishes a Discovery phase which encourages risk taking after those realistic focuses are understood.

The last two phases of Trust and Passion secure a partnership that’s pure and mutual while creating an excitement that creates reciprocity and generosity among all parties.

Chip’s writing style continues in his unique observations, fun stories and illustrations, all the while offering practical methods to enable leaders to adopt these principles and create an innovation partnership with customers in a world craving breakthrough ideas.

I recommend Inside Your Customer’s Imagination to not only map out a new journey in customer experience and innovation, but also help understand how to become a better listener to customers and create a better dynamic in world needing both innovation and connection.


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