Book Review – Mindset Mondays

There have been a good number of books about changing your mindset. From books on can-do attitudes to positive thinking to enabling better habits and behaviors, many of these books have been helpful to thousands of readers over the years.

Where David Taylor-Klaus’ book Mindset Mondays differs is it comes from experience. Not others, but his own.

Taylor-Klaus starts off in the introduction with a story of his personal struggle and how a moment of clarity enabled him to discover a means in which to help others with proven principles to change their thinking and transform their lives.

Limiting mindsets hold countless people back from their potential and true happiness. And whether external or internal forces impact those thoughts, Mindset Mondays seeks to establish an achievable framework to lift the reader out of those forces and into a sustained pattern of mental empowerment.

The author takes the time in the very beginning and at the end of each chapter to review his REWIRE framework. It’s a pattern of discipline to Reflect, Experiment, Write, Investigate, Revise and Expand by taking some forgotten methods and re-implementing them to sharpen your thought patterns and exercise your mind.

While this book seems large by today’s standards – over 350 pages – it’s extremely concise and well written. Each chapter is a conversation with the author and the reader to tell a story relating to the many facets of changing up your mindset. And with 52 chapters, Taylor-Klaus has come up with almost every conceivable angle to penetrate and disruptive a mindset that limits the reader.

Every chapter is easily read and digested, allowing you to connect with the message and readily put into play the patterns Taylor-Klaus lays out. For instance the Chapter on “Edit Your Life” helps you think of your life as a work of art in progress, a masterpiece yet to be completed.

David Taylor-Klaus weaves timeless quotes from great thinkers into the exact places where they make the most impact. The result of his writing and the layout of the book is a terrific read that truly helps people change their lives in a practical and sustainable way.


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