How To Reinvent Your Leadership

If you’re stuck in a rut of leadership, feeling hopeless that you’re not making much of a positive impact, then perhaps you need to reinvent your leadership approach.

Much like writer’s block, our leadership needs a boost from time to time. However, lasting change cannot be done by sheer force of will.

It’s a common problem that all leaders face from at certain points of their careers, and if done right can make an incredible positive impact for the remainder of your career.

The most impactful and lasting change can never be done to the exclusion of others, nor to the neglect of self-reflection. Rather, reinventing your leadership requires an inside-out process of looking inward to how you can improve them looking outward to see how you can enhance the culture of work and life to those around you.

There are many ways in which one can embark on their journey to reinvent their influence. Here are a number of ideas to help enable you to reinvent your leadership and increase a better influence:

  1. Remember what your core values are.
  2. Write down why you aspire to lead.
  3. Dream of how your leadership can make your world better.
  4. Identify those people whose lives will be better because of your influence. (It may be everyone).
  5. Find your shortcomings and fix those immediately.
  6. Determine to be a student of people.
  7. Determine to be a servant of people.
  8. Don’t minimize the importance of being a servant leader.
  9. Designate an accountability mentor to help you grow and stay rooted.
  10. Bring a mentoring mindset to every day to teach others.
  11. Make time weekly to study your industry.
  12. Set goals for yourself with actionable steps to achieve them.
  13. Set goals for your people and help them achieve them.
  14. Erase those thoughts that limit your leadership ability.
  15. Surround and immerse yourself with those people and activities that help improve your relationships, behaviors and thinking.
  16. Assume positive intent – always.
  17. Admit your mistakes openly.
  18. Conquer your fears by speaking more in meetings and other settings.
  19. Find the joy in discovering, learning, teaching, and growing.
  20. Be who you say you are going to be. (Authenticity Quotient – AQ).
  21. Read 1 book each month.
  22. Appreciate everyone you interact with. Tell them “Thanks.” Praise them in public. Find the gold, instead of digging for the dirt on them.
  23. Be thankful for challenging people, circumstances, and life.
  24. Find the “One Thing” that motivates you to give your best. Think on that every morning.
  25. Read 1 industry article each week.
  26. Be self-aware in all that you do in your professional and personal life.
  27. Be others-aware and focus on the purpose of meeting their needs.

These and many other thoughts can quickly help you orient your leadership towards a wider and more meaningful influence. By changing things up around who you are, you can be a more effective leader with greater success, satisfaction, and credibility in the coming year.

Reinvent yourself effectively by starting today to determine your next steps forward.

(image: pixabay)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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