#ThursdayThought – Understanding Leaders

As children, when we grew up we always wanted what we wanted. We thought it was the right thing until our parents instructed us otherwise.

You wanted the cookie. Mom said it would spoil dinner.

You wanted to help with the power tools. Dad said when you were older.

You wanted to ride your bike down the road one evening. Your parents said to wait until daylight tomorrow.

You may have been upset. But again, they were there to lead you through your life and keep you safe by looking out for your best interests.

You just didn’t understand what they knew.

Then when we grow up to adults, we still get upset when leaders don’t give us what we want.

Why didn’t I get the promotion, that raise, the recognition for busting my behind? How come we don’t get certain laws passed, progress made, fast action on agendas?

It’s because, just like our parents, our leaders guide us through our adult lives, keeping us safe and looking out for our best interests.

We just may mot understand what they know.

Be a patient, discerning and studious employee, citizen and neighbor. We might be asking amiss. We just need to do our part to mature and understand more of what they know.

(image: pixabay)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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