Book Review – Saving Face

One of the most interesting things about leading in a certain culture is you tend to understand people and organizational dynamics based on the local culture of where you’re located.

Maya Hu-Chan’s new book “Saving Face – How To Preserve Dignity and Build Trust” helps to understand what “face” and break the misunderstanding of certain terms such as the ubiquitous “saving face”.

Maya draws from the origins of face in the history and culture of China and talks through what the universal meaning, and more importantly the human meaning of face really means to individuals and organizations at large.

She transforms our thinking towards a system of honor and dignity, both in others and ourselves. Her outlining of how to break down cultural barriers and create a broader universal culture of dignity, self-worth and identity in others. By bridging these gaps in human needs and cultural divides, Maya helps us create better language – conversations – that honor all sides.

And in one of the most key chapters, she offers the concept of psychological safety that a proper perspective of face should establish. This thought creates a solid baseline to drive trust and conversations that propel others to break ceilings, tear down silos and create an agility among teams and people that are otherwise stifled because we default to “saving face”.

“Saving Face” is a great book and if you’re a leader in search of greater ability to honor others and cross cultural barriers, it’s a recommended read.


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