Book Review – Coach The Person, Not The Problem

Marcia Reynolds is quickly becoming one of my favorite coach and leadership heroes. And her latest book, “Coach The Person, Not The Problem” is a testament to her coaching prowess.

Marcia has taken her real world experience that has paved the way for the coaching movement to bring a tremendous guide to mastering one of a coach’s toughest challenges by reflecting clients’ words and expressions back to enable them to see new possibilities and solutions.

Her book is written in a simple and conversational style that eschews the typical formulaic lists and decision tree paradigms that typical coaching experts extol. Instead of asking the usual open-ended questions, she works towards reflective questions that cause a leader to think more deeply and introspectively.

Chapter by chapter, Marcia unfolds an easy and systematic approach for what really works in the realm of coaching. She opens by exploring why coaching is so effective, then exposes the myths and false beliefs that plague so many coaches.

The core of the book is “The 5 Essential Practices” that delve into Focus, Active Replay, Brain Hacking, Goaltending and New and Next. These are designed to change the linear transactional style of coaching to a more inside out and reflective transformational style. The section on Brain Hacking is quite intriguing and you may find yourself emerging from that chapter having self reflected on your boxed in thought patterns.

Using real life coaching experience, results and the latest brain science to show why reflective inquiry works Marcia creates a paradigm shift in the world of coaching that can help you and your clients not fall into stale patterns and shallow results.

Having been a pioneer in creating the coaching profession, Marcia’s book helps coaches “become change agents who actively recharge the human spirit. And clients naturally dive deeper and develop personalized solutions that may surprise even the coach.”

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Master Certified Coach helps coaches and leaders make every conversation a difference-making experience. She has provided coaching and training in 41 countries and is recognized by Global Gurus as one of the top 5 coaches in the world. You can finds more about her at

Marcia’s book is available on Amazon –

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