#ThursdayThought – Push versus Pull

Some people need to be led by pushing them.

Not in a physical, forceful or micromanaging sense. But by pushing their thoughts to a higher level. Pushing their excuses aside to focus around opportunity. Helping to push them towards a big goal by casting a large vision before them.

Pushing possibilities in front of people is far easier than pulling.

Pulling means dragging them along to improve. Pulling them over to what they should be doing or learning. Getting them to pull on the rope to be a better team player.

Pulling requires far more effort than pushing.

Yet there are two types of people, two differing sets of employees.

Some can be led by a gentle push that starts them onto a self-sustaining path towards success.

Others need to be pulled – told – what to do. This is never sustainable. Once you pull them to step A, you’ll have to pull them to step B.

Seek for employees who you can push vision and possibility their way. They will take up far less time than those who are pulling on the rope against you.

(image: pixabay)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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