#ThursdayThought- Creating or Consuming

There are generally two types of people:



In any transaction, someone generally creates a good or service for another to consume.

That type of relationship is healthy and symbiotic for business and economics as a whole. But the creator/consumer system is disastrous for an organizational culture, personal relationship or even a political/citizen dynamic.

If one tends to be consumer only, without regard for how they create value to the relationship or cultural dynamic, the institution impacted can cease to exist.

Consider a spouse who demands the other cater to their needs without reciprocating. A boss who wants their employees to do their bidding so they look good and meet bonuses. An employee who sucks all the attention from their leaders, or one who takes credit from the efforts of the team without contributing.

Citizens that demand their government provide for them without being discerning voters. And politicians who gain office to impose their hidden agendas on an unsuspecting people.

In any social situation, there is always a creator/consumer dynamic that always exists. When balanced, with each faction contributing to make the other party better in serving them, the dynamic works.

When it’s lopsided with all consumers and no on contributing, the whole thing becomes in danger of falling apart.

Consuming itself it not an issue. And consuming a lot is not an issue. But if your contributions are dwarfed by your consumer disposition, imbalance has occurred. But it’s an easy fix.

Be mindful to create and contribute more than you consume.

(image: pixabay)

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