#ThursdayThought – Born To Work

I love leisure time. Most people do.

Playing strategy board games, watching movies (especially those of French director Jacques Tati), reading, hiking and golfing are the activities I look forward to.

And while my leisure actives give me joy and keep me well-rounded, there is always a longing afterwards for the one thing we all need – meaningful work. As I understand that in myself, I’m sure most of us do as well.

Work may seem like a curse, but it’s actually a blessing.

A great article from Fit For Work shows the benefits of working and why the need to work is innately manifested in all of us.

Work provides not only income, but meaning. Our lives and identity are tied to what we do – parent (which is the most meaningful work!), pastor, manager, elected official or volunteer. What we produce is a reflection of who we are, how we feel and what we’re good at.

When lack of employment becomes reality, there are two roads to take. Work in some capacity – produce, volunteer, fix up the house or invent something – or stay disengaged from being productive.

People who retire and continue to be productive have been shown to live longer lives. An article in Harvard Business Review discusses that being engaged after retirement helps keep your mental and physical faculties sharper and more intact.

If my uncle Pret is any indication, working is the key to a purposeful life.

Enjoy the ability to work. If you’re out of work, become productive and find ways to contribute. Don’t begrudge the need for meaningful work. It’s the main purpose to what defines us.

(image: pixabay)

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