#ThursdayThought – You Get What You Create

I inform my clients and customers when they express their employees’ poor or substandard behavior:

“You have actually trained your people to work and behave like that.”

Many times the fault lies in those who tolerate certain behaviors and not those who exhibit the behaviors.

Consider some observations:

  • Customers that treat retail clerks or sales reps like trash because the clerk or rep commoditized themselves and did not bring value to themselves or the customer. They allowed the customer to see them as someone to be pushed around.
  • Bosses who complain that employees never tell them anything but never have time to be with the employees to allow them to talk.
  • Leaders sometimes manage out people because of the employees habits or behaviors and hope their replacement will be better. But then the leader goes back to the same “I’m busy” mode or “I don’t have time, you’ll have to figure it out on your own, you’re an adult” nonsense and the new employee develops the same patterns as their predecessor.

When a good leader looks to an employee performance issue, they should always at first look at themselves and ask themselves, the employee and others “Have I created this issue?”

Most of the time, we get what we create. We just need to be self-aware enough to master ourselves, help others and train the right behaviors.

Leaders, teachers, parents, coaches and public servants – it starts with yourself.

(image: pixabay)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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