Book Review – Win Every Day

Mark Miller has long been one of my favorite leadership thinkers and authors.

Mark serves as Vice President of High Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A. His career in developing the people that have made the chain a recognized and trusted brand has given Mark incredible insight that he lends through his teachings, mentorship and books.

As he states on his website, “My approach to writing has always been to find what is true in principle and figure out how to make it applicable to the real world.”

Mark’s latest book, Win Every Day, follows this same blueprint.

Win Every Day, the fifth book of Mark’s High Performance Series, continues the narrative style of the series with a story about how Blake helps transform the culture and leadership of his organization.

The story centers around one of the most key daily concepts in order to succeed each day – execution.

As the story progresses from a viral video review that wasn’t very positive, Mark centers on Blake’s discovery of creating three essential behavior mindsets for leaders to win, with the help from his son’s football team.

The book details those behaviors as: Pursue Mastery, Own the Numbers, and Help Others Win. As simplistic as it sounds, Mark Miller provides basic principles for successful leadership in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand, grasp … and execute.

I also like the book’s other theme of personal accountability, Mark realizes that the modelling of any behaviors begins with the leaders. Quotes such as these help us realize that mastery, ownership and helping others are a daily decision.

“Arrogance and complacency are my nemeses”

“We can encourage you and even challenge you, but if you want to be great, you will have to decide.”

Win Every Day applies to all leaders in all industries at all levels. The planning, preparation and positioning of processes and procedures means nothing without the ability to execute at a high performing level each day.

Win Every Day is a great book, and a fantastic capstone to Mark Miller’s other books in the High Performance Series.


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