#ThursdayThought – The Pride of Knowing What’s Going On

Employee A has a personnel issue with Employee B in another department.

Employee C is asked by Employee A what they should do.

Employee C advised Employee A to inform Employee B how they feel and have HR informed as per company policy.

Policy stated the course of action that Employee C suggested and HR informed both A & C’s boss and B’s boss.

Issue gets resolved and B and A reconcile w/ HR’s guidance.

Then ….

….Employee A and C’s boss and his boss hear about this soon afterwards and asks why they weren’t informed.

So A & C get reprimanded for not letting these leaders know what was going on.

Pride and empathy cannot exist in the same leader.

“We were blindsided by this,” the bosses state.

“We looked foolish when we were asked about this.”

“We should know everything that goes on in our department.”

In the context of the leadership’s response to the issue, the both bosses exhibit a pride that made a sensitive situation more than just inappropriate employee behavior from B.

They turned a situation about how Employee A felt and the overall work culture and made it all about themselves.

Some bosses would rather know it all and get insulted when they don’t know everything in their area.

And their pride gets in the way of the core issues, such as this case.

When you care more about how you look or what you know, rather than empathy for the individual(s) in a situation, your effectiveness as a leader is in serious question.

Remember, it’s not about you as a leader. It’s ALWAYS about your people.

Pride and empathy cannot exist in the same leader.

(image: pixabay)

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