#ThursdayThought – It’s All About The End User

“Should we plan our social media content around a particular platform’s algorithm?”

“We spend more on marketing to sell our products than the R&D for the product.”

“We have to rush this product to meet the deadline or it will cost more money. It’s good enough.”

“I’m not going to spend extra money on a more intuitive website. The customer can order on it just fine.”

It’s all about the end user. #CX #UX

Save time. Save money.

None of it matters if the end user – usually the customer but oftentimes your employee – finds your product or service to be lacking.

In today’s world of better customer experience (CX), gaming a system to make margins or gain efficiency is lost on the customer. What matters to the business or individual consumer is what their they think of your product or service.

If our shortcuts, inability to plan ahead of time, or lack of concern for what we produce make for a poor CX, today’s consumer will leave. Probably even before they click “Submit order”.

Reverse engineer your planning, processes, Six Sigma and cost efficiencies from a starting point of who makes the ultimate decision.

It’s all about the end user.

(image: pixabay)

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