3 Levels of Leadership Self-Awareness

Self-awareness in leadership can be an elusive pursuit.

Great leaders show an awareness of themselves and how it impacts others around them in and outside their organization, whether it is in their industry, the business world at large, or their personal lives.

When it comes to self-awareness, most people would claim you either have it or you don’t. While this is true, those that are self-aware come in varying degrees. Understanding the levels of self-awareness can help leaders know their current state and how they can develop from there.

Having an awareness and desire to improve is always the measure of the best in leadership.

The 3 levels of Self-Awareness are:

  • Aware But Don’t Care. These types of leaders know about their general behavior, but either don;t see or don’t care that their behaviors impact others. They ignore there is anything wrong and don’t admit there is any opportunity for development. Usually leaders on this level are somewhat ignorant they have areas to grow while having a general base knowledge that they exist. They are like a person who knows they need exercise but never pursues any steps towards getting in shape and never thinks about it consciously either.

  • Aware But Justify Behavior. This level is comprised of people who won’t change their actions and attitudes. These leaders know full well of their shortcomings and how they impact others, but often resort to “That’s just who I am!” or “I can’t operate like that.” “Can’ts” in their vocabulary are actually “won’ts”. They sometimes hide behind a guise of being authentic to defend their behaviors. At the end of the day, these are leaders who will not make an effort to enhance their leadership style to maximize the impact to those around them.

  • Aware To Make Needed Changes. Leaders who have attained this level not only are aware of the need to make changes, they desire to make those changes to develop into a more impactful and influential leader. They not only possess a keen sense of others macro- and micro-reactions to their actions, but also have a true passion to grow and enhance their skills. In addition, these leaders tend to be true servant leaders, focused on others instead of self, and how they can better attune their style to meet the needs of the people in their organization.

The more one progresses through the different levels of self-awareness to a true state of making needed changes, the better impact they will have on their organization, their teams, and themselves as well.

Having an awareness and desire to improve is always the measure of the best in leadership.

How can you become more self-aware and genuinely make needed change?

(image: pixabay)

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