Choosing One Focus For The New Year

Many people have created, or are creating, their resolutions or goals for the coming year.

Sales, health, increased net worth and network, financial manuevers and areas to improve one’s personal and professional development are usually among the many that people list out in anticipation of a fresh start in a new year.

And most resolutions, and many goals, fall short for a variety of reasons. Much of it has to do with being too ambitious instead of more focused.

Having goals that impact the varied areas of your personal and professional life are necessary. But could they be more impactful if you also chose one goal, one mission, one state of being that had a thread through all of your goals and carried you through the next year?

Think if you will of a person who has the following resolutions for next year: personal development (reading, podcasts), making sales goals (prospects, sales, quotas), better communication, increased network, reduced stress and regular exercise. This seemingly normal amount of goals can also be at odds with competing forces in one’s life as the new year unfolds.

But if another goal, or a core focus, was given to tie these together, say the goal of personal planning, how could this focus impact the other goals in their life?

This focus could take on significant impact in the other goals. If the individual took 20 minutes in their morning routine for just personal planning, they could set the actions needed daily and weekly to make a strategy for attaining the other goals.

Going even deeper, part of the planning focus could be 10 minutes stretching every morning, or meditating, or in prayer, or mind mapping. The mental refreshment and clarity this creates could resonate throughout everything that this person does in their day. This could also meet some of their goals for health, mental acuity and reducing stress.

With a common thread of focus that you commit to never deviate from, you can create a disciplined synergy within yourself that might make this your best year yet.

Find the focus. Connect the dots through your goals. Make that your mission for the new year and see how your goals become easier to attain.

(image: pixabay)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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