#ThursdayThought – Forget Others, Be You

A recent article revealed how Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon does things other CEOs won’t necessarily do, like take the subway or get his own coffee.

But the most impressive thing that David Solomon does in his off-time is spin classic rock as a DJ in New York City and other cities.

Unbecoming of a business leader you think? If anything, Solomon is being authentic, and isn’t worried about what the perception is, even though people tried to discourage him from continuing his DJ gigs when he became CEO.

If anything, he said to himself, “And why shouldn’t I — because I’m a CEO?”

Whatever you do in your career, be rounded. Be YOU.

If you think it’s uncool as a business leader to let your hair down and be who you are, think again. Many business leaders do, here are some examples.

Gary Vaynerchuck is renowned for going to garage sales on Saturdays and flipping merchandise online.

Keith Law, Senior Baseball Writer for ESPN, chronicles his hobbies of food and Euro-style board games on his personal website.

Warren Buffet plays the ukulele.

Apple founder Steve Wozniak plays polo … on a Segway.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, likes to spend his time on the high-flying trapeze.

Cisco co-founder Sandy Learner likes to spend her time dressing in medieval garb, mounting her horse and brandishing a lance to joust. (Yes, joust).

What makes these people so genuine is that they don’t worry about the pretenses of position. They live their life, pursue happiness, and show everyone that success doesn’t have to be about living a life impressing others.

Whatever you do in your career, be rounded. Be YOU. It’s OK.

(header and polo images: flickr)

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