Workplaces Still Have A Long Ways To Go

We are almost through 2019 and are just have a few months left before we find ourselves in the year 2020.

In the last 100 years, we’ve experienced these tremendous advances in the working environment:

  • More women in business, both as executives and business owners
  • Better laws to protect people from various forms of discrimination
  • Technological advances to make work easier, work remotely, and communicate faster
  • Harassment movements have culled many leaders of sexual impropriety from their positions
  • The speed and transparency of the internet has magnified the poor leadership behaviors in many companies like Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, Enron, and countless others

Despite these achievements, it’s quite disturbing to see the following behaviors with old or new applications that still remain fairly prevalent in today’s workforce:

At the core of each of these lies the uncomfortable truth – some leaders will still choose whatever means necessary to accomplish their goals no matter the cost.

Sometimes these might look like organizational goals, but have an agenda of the leader’s own that underlines the behavior, like winning at all costs, meeting quota, getting in line for a promotion, or covering up their own insecurities, just to name a few.

And some of these behaviors are organizational, created by a team of leaders for a more malignant purpose.

Aren’t we supposed to be beyond these behaviors with all the advances we’ve seen in the workplace?

Unfortunately, the answer is “we should be, but we’re not”. Granted, there will always be problems and issues as long as humans behave in ways that still get results. Once a behavior doesn’t get the desired result, that behavior will change for the most part.

But it can only change through the following steps:

  • Leaders need to be more self-aware and not justify poor behavior
  • Employees must speak up when issues are discovered
  • Leaders must give absolute safety without any ramifications to employees raising concerns
  • Leaders must fix employee concerns and not brush them aside
  • Employees must hold themselves accountable to a right company culture and policies
  • Leaders must hold themselves to a high standard of behavior as well as being held accountable by their people
  • Employees must move or leave organizations and find ones that exhibit better workplace traits

These are only a few ways that these changes can be implemented, but they’re a good starting place for many.

Things are improving, but we must not let any individual or groups of individuals create a workplace that continues to operate under a model that isn’t congruent to the methods that some of the best and most profitable companies have proven to result of great leadership and positive culture that leads to success.

(image: pixabay)

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