#ThursdayThought – How Receptionists Kill Your Brand

If you have a receptionist at your organization, you should give them a call just like you were a customer.

As you interact with them, ask yourself how they represent your company and brand.

A while back, I called an acquaintance at their work to check in on them. They were having some private issues not disclosed to the public, and I wanted to see how they were doing.

The woman who answered the phone was very abrupt and gruff in her tone:

“Hi, who is this?” I informed her who I was.

“What company are you from?!” As it was a personal call, I told her I wasn’t representing anyone.

“Who are you looking for?!” I told her in a calming manner.

“What is this regarding?!” I let her know it was a private matter.

“I need to know what this is regarding.” I repeated myself and in an even calmer tone.

“Sir, I need you to tell me what this is regarding!” I informed her it was a private matter and the individual I was calling would know why.

She then promptly said “Well I need to know why you’re calling, but will try to give him the message,” and promptly hung up.

Whether this person sees herself as the gatekeeper to those in the office, the way she reflected the company would have had me go elsewhere for my needs if I was a potential customer.

If your receptionist, whoever he or she is, does not exude a pleasantness that personifies their brand, they should be retrained, or most likely let go.

And that goes for your automated phone tree as well. Many times companies that claim to have superior customer service fail in this regard when the phone options don’t create a positive customer experience.

Brands can be hurt when the wrong people touch the most customers.

(image: pixabay)

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