What Is Work-Work Balance?

Back in 2011, an article in The Wall Street Journal talked about achieving a level called “work-work balance”.

The writer laid out the possibility of a proper balance in the workplace to allow for innovation, thereby achieving the harmony of “main work duties with more experimental side projects”.

However, I believe there should be a different application to the term “work-work balance”. That is:

How does an organization achieve harmony and equilibrium in the ability to have the right mix of strategy and initiatives versus the actual work needing to be done and people there are do accomplish it?

That goal is a constant daily struggle for employees as well as leaders in any company, yet it needs to be thought of and worked into strategic planning and culture.

When the work-work balance is off, companies either overwork their people which leads to job hacks and eventually disengagement, or stay stagnant and their people’s skills deteriorate through lack of stretching or utilization of their talents.

A proper equilibrium in the work-work cycle is having the right strategic plan in place through the current workforce to enable the company and everyone in it to stretch and grow. And when the initiatives get 1 or 2 steps ahead or behind, then the culture of the organization should kick into action to either lay off the speed, or augment the current workforce and workflow, or push some of the secondary plans ahead that weren’t mission critical at the time.

Companies that get too far ahead of themselves become “top heavy” with pushing ahead and will eventually soon stumble. Those that find their pace has slowed down will find it harder to maintain speed and agility, and their employees will usually be a step behind that pace as well.

Leaders should thoughtfully observe their work-work harmony both in the long-term planning and the short-term tasks that run the organization. Balance might not be constantly attained, but the ability to step it up or lay it back when needed is crucial for keeping as consistent a momentum in your goals and mission.

What are some ways you can help your organization achieve a “work-work balance”?

(image: pixabay)

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