#ThursdayThought – Where Are We Going?

People today are busy and distracted.

They let work and the myriad of “urgencies” in life consume them or get them off track from what they truly want to pursue in their professional and personal lives.

And if that’s not enough, our own internal thought patterns, biases and attitudes also threaten to take us away from our goals.

We need to take time at least every week to stop and break away and review what we’re doing – and most importantly thinking – and how that will get us in the place we hope to get.

Whether it’s a holiday break like we have this weekend in the States, a reflection Sunday evening before the work week or having a dedicated time for self-planning and re-energizing, we need to understand the direction we’re headed and if our actions will enable us to get there.

It’s easy to get lost in the forest of life and not see through the trees. But we need to find a quiet place to lift our thinking and vision above the treetops, see what lies ahead, and plan to get there.

That may be staying with our current course and finding more efficient ways. Or a course correction such as a more healthy lifestyle or career change. It might even result in a radical change of our goals altogether when we realize that what we’re striving for isn’t really what we want.

Nothing satisfying comes from plowing ahead through life. Take the time regularly to see where you are going and how to make that path straight.

(image: pixabay)

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