Book Review – Management Mess To Leadership Success

Scott Miller is like the rest of us who have attained any level of leadership. Talented but full of flaws.

It is due to the successes – and failures – that he learned throughout his career that gave him the idea to write his new book “Management Mess to Leadership Success – 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow”.

Scott Miller is the Executive Vice President, Business Development and Chief Marketing Officer of Franklin Covey, the company that created the Franklin Day Planner and develops leadership and personal growth in others.

The introduction to the book gives an initial peak as to Scott’s trajectory in his leadership path. Almost immediately, you see a person who pulls back the curtain to reveal the many flaws he committed over the years. When you finish the introduction, you feel a connection to Scott as he has written his book to be (in his words) “vulnerable, funny, relatable, practical”.

Scott has formatted his book with 30 challenges that are meant to be a daily focus of an area we tend to get wrong and how to improve.

Each chapter is short but packed with a failed management principle – some conducted by Scott himself and others real examples of mishandled leadership – and the lessons learned. He closes each chapter with a “From Mess to Success” outline of actionable steps we can quickly implement to improve our leadership impact.

Scott and Franklin Covey have also developed a number of aids that coincide with the lessons taught. One great aid the the Management Mess to Leadership Success companion card deck. Each card highlights one of the 30 principles Scott outlines in his book with the pertinent challenge and the application points on the back as listed at the end of each chapter. It’s a great tool to remind you through the day about the principle and how to apply it.

While the book is designed for a daily leadership focus, this can be changed to weekly or any other frequency that works for the reader. That ability to be free-form and scale to your individual needs makes this book a great resource for anyone in any leadership capacity and circumstance.

This book is poised to be a modern classic. It’s ability to strip down any pretenses in both the author and reader, show the impact of messy management, and to give practical and easy application for improvement succeeds where other books miss the mark in making any significant impact in leadership.

Scott’s work is one I highly recommend and will refer to for years to come.

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