#ThursdayThought – 3 Inspirational Leadership Traits


My response on Quora to the question:

What 3 words best describe inspiring leadership?

I’ve seen a lot of leaders and overwhelmingly they all have these following traits in common:


A leader who is visionary is not only someone who can see the future, they are also someone who can project that future to others. They’re able to get things people thinking and dreaming of the possibilities before them and how to cast that vision out so that their people will be inspired to go after that vision.


Inspiring leader ship also needs to be positive. Even in the midst of challenges that no doubt will happen positive leaders are the ones that help people rise to the occasion and persevere. Their hopefulness becomes infectious to others and a group of people who are for the most part positive will always rise above a more talented team that are pessimistic in their culture.


A leader who is not self-aware will not inspire others to make sacrifices or overcome obstacles, especially as they create a toxic environment. If a leader is not aware of how they create fear or are not positive and they don’t take the steps to correct these, then they will cease to be an inspiration and lead their team effectively.

(image: pixabay)

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