4 Steps To Create Solid Organizational Growth


The one thing that prevents a company from growing is, quite simply, the company. In micro, the same can be said for leaders as well.

While a leader’s scorecard is measured in large by the performance of the company, in many instances the leader creates, incidentally but sometimes on purpose, barriers that stunt the growth of their organization.

Whether your company wants fast or more sustainable, long-term growth, creating a balanced synergy over the four P’s of Purpose, People, Process and Product will ensure your organization focuses on the core priorities for growth without getting bogged down or sidetracked.

PURPOSE. Having a defined purpose for why your organization exists and what is proposes to do and become is the core thread for everything else. Your purpose needs to be clearly defined, written out, spoken at every turn, and infused in all system Processes, People development and Products (or services) offered. Defined Purpose keeps all things on track and should be the ultimate measure (above profits, shareholder ROI, or market share) of how your organization is performing.

PEOPLE. Investing in People gives you the best ROI of any dollar you spend; far beyond what equipment and marketing campaigns will ever generate. Instilling your People with a deep sense of your Purpose, training them and giving them the necessary resources – and autonomy – to execute their jobs according to the Purpose keeps them engaged. And their future development will give you an exponential resource to improve Process flow and Product needs as they grow with the organization.

PROCESS. Ensuring all systems, all Processes, align with the execution of your Purpose through your People will keep your company streamlined and primed for any rapid growth opportunities. Processes so aligned will ensure a higher rate of productivity, reduces wasted resources and speeds growth. Profit, while notably absent from these 4 P’s, is merely the by-product of proper Processes that create that bottom line contribution, which should be invested into the organization’s other four P’s.

PRODUCT. Products, and services, must meet the needs of your People (most notably your customers) as defined by your Purpose. Product that defines your Purpose the best will meet that need and create greater demand in filling those needs. Having Product that is aligned will also keep an organization from chasing after products that abandon it’s purpose in an effort to solely grow sales or customer; these product steal resources from other aligned needs and slow down the company’s ability to sustainably grow.

Growth in necessary in every company, but being able to grow strong and quickly when needed requires leaders to make sure everything is lined up and nothing impedes such growth. But more importantly, a leader should make sure that nothing encroaches on the ability of these four P’s to manifest and support each other symbiotically to allow them to grow in harmony.

Know how each focus feeds into each other and ensure your organization monitors their progress in some capacity every day.

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(image: pixabay; inforgraphic: paullarue/canva)



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