#ThursdayThought – 5 Things Every Customer Wants


We talk about Customer Experience in general, but do we know the basics of delivering a solid and consistent experience?

If we re-calibrate our thinking about customers from a basic needs standpoint, we will see their needs are not consumer needs only, but human.

Consider your own needs as a person when you think of what a customer is expecting from you:


Look At Me

Smile At Me

Listen To Me

Talk To Me

Thank Me


You and your team don’t have to excel at all points, but just simply being there fully engaged with customers will communicate to them that they matter to you.

Once customers know this, their experience is enhanced. When their experience is enhanced your brand grows. When your brand grows, sales typically follow.

Spend a day each week getting your team to focus on one of the basic customer needs. A simple little effort can make a bigger difference than an intricate strategic marketing plan.

(image: pixabay/canva)


About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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