4 Ways To Reset Your Leadership

don't stay derailed - get back on track!!

One of the challenges leaders can find themselves in is drifting off course, realizing they veered away from the core of themselves and their overall goals.

This can manifest for differing reasons such as lost focus, external pressures, internal improprieties, or just simply going with the current and not realizing where it’s taking you.

When the realization surfaces that you’ve gone off course, one can get discouraged, depressed, and feel immense guilt and/or frustration that they allowed themselves to get to such a place. But instead of allowing those feelings to govern your actions, it’s best to follow these steps to help reset your leadership.

  1. Realize where you are and strive to be more self-aware. It’s always important to take stock of your current situation when you’ve gone off course and assess where you are. Then you need to understand why it’s occurred and make every effort to always be aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your actions going forward. The higher your level of self-awareness, the more you’ll be able to see those tendencies in your efforts and actions that threaten to derail you again.
  2. Stop and revisit your core values. Ask yourself “Is this where I want to go, who I want to be, what I want to attain?” If the answer is no, and it usually is when you’ve drifted, then ensure you take stock of your core values both personally and professionally. Sometimes it’s necessary to write them down again, to reinforce who you are and what you wish to accomplish. It also serves as a great way to fortify your resolve to achieve your vision for yourself.
  3. Reaffirm goals and actionable steps. Next look at what your goals are and what you need to do to successfully meet and exceed them. This will allow you to see what actions are needed to get back on track which will allow you to quickly recover and feel good about being congruent with your mission.
  4. Establish firm boundaries for success. This last step will challenge you to be more disciplined going forward. You’ll need to establish internal boundaries for yourself and hold yourself accountable to them. you may need to get an accountability partner on board as well as create habits that allow you to more easily keep on track. more difficult is to establish external boundaries with other people. This means letting others know what you will and will not allow to impact your workflow, thinking and attitude. Also creating a method in which urgencies are qualified to determine how much of a priority they truly are is another way to assist you in preventing outside forces from pulling you off track.

The only thing that’s more discouraging than finding yourself off track is allowing yourself to wander in discouragement.

It’s vital as a leader to get yourself course corrected right away and act on these methods to get yourself moving forward. You will more quickly and positively impact others based on how quickly you turn it around as well.

(image: pixabay/canva)

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