How To Effectively Improve In 2018


One of the reasons resolutions and goals in general fail to stick and make a lasting impact in a New Year is because they treat a symptom of behavior rather than the root cause.

For instance, you may have a goal to make more cold calls this year or deepen your network based on your performance last year. That’s all well and good, but you may find that you struggle with achieving this consistently because the challenges you had last year aren’t properly diagnosed and addressed. There may be a root of nervousness, low esteem, anxiety, or even procrastination that was present in the prior year that need to be addressed at the core root in order for your goal to be realized this year.

To effectively make sure you are doing what is takes to improve in 2018, follow these steps to find a more effective way to achieve them:

  1. Find out “Why?” Why are you setting your goals for this year? Is it because of failure in the past? Or new goals to stretch and grow yourself personally and your leadership? If you don’t have a clear view of why you want to accomplish a goal, then it’s becomes meaningless and will never drive you.
  2. Look at lessons past. Probably the biggest reason people fail in their goals is they don’t objectively look at themselves and learn where to improve. Look honestly and internally at yourself and not externally to others or circumstances. Find the areas you can improve on and determine to make changes in those areas.
  3. Applying what works. Oftentimes we focus on the negative and not the positive. Find what was successful and keep using those strategies. You’ll gain a sense of confidence and control in this simple step alone.
  4. Changing what does not work. The other side of the coin is to identify and change out what did not work last year. It may be as simple as tweaking a method or totally replacing an approach. The sooner this step is done, the quicker effective change starts.
  5. Target the overall behavior. Most of the time it’s our behavior, and not approach or method, that determine whether a goal is achieved. Do we have the proper interpersonal skills needed to enable the team to achieve the goal? Do we have the discipline and drive within ourselves to stay focused and not descend to distractions throughout the day (ie – our devices, excessive breaks, idle conversations)?. If you can target and adopt the behavior that is needed to make a goal happen then this will be your biggest accomplishment of the year.
  6. Focus on the incremental. Sometimes we look at getting to the height of a goal right from the start of the year. The peril here is doing too much change in too quick a time and becoming overwhelmed. Start with small increments and build over weeks and months into the pattern of behavior you desire. You may also use this step to lay the foundation pieces in place for bigger goals over the first half of the year that lead to their fulfillment in the latter half. Set yourself up incrementally for success.
  7. Strengthen a positive, victorious attitude. While this may sound straight out of a motivational speaker’s repertoire, the truth behind this is essential to your success. Do not allow detractors – bosses, colleagues, spouses, family, failure, or even yourself – to pull you down and away from achieving your goals. Keep a laser focus and willingness to ride out the peaks and valleys of the coming year. Your attitude is the one thing you can control; don’t let outside influences dictate it for you.

With these simple strategies you can find yourself in a much better position to be successful this year. Keep at it all year in order to achieve the success you desire.

Please feel free to share your success stories in the comments below.

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