Who Are You Doing It For?


It’s very easy to get focused on the goals of what we’re trying to pursue in our leadership lives.

We have revenue objectives, attrition metrics, shareholder confidence, and profit margins to attain. More personally, we work towards our own promotions, bonuses, retirement accounts, and a position where we can leverage our time toward convenience and less stress.

When we think of the “what” that we look to impact in our endeavors, we should consider a more profound and lasting goal. That is, “who” are you doing it for?

The “what’s” we gain are not a bad in themselves. Keeping your company competitive, being profitable, and increasing the scope of your leadership are worthy goals, but they only last at the moment they are attained. Besides, promotions, 401(k)’s, and company valuations can vanish more quickly now than ever before. Many a leader has attained the top of their fields only to be towed away in the undercurrent of mergers, market shifts, scandals outside of themselves, and other catastrophic forces that show the frailness of these pursuits ultimately.

But when a leader deeply considers who they are growing their influence for, that can change the scope of their style, their approach, and their ultimate goals.

Think about the “who” that can be impacted and how you can have a greater positive reach on those you have touchpoints with:

  • Your customers who rely on quality products, excellent service, and convenient experience
  • The general marketplace that sees you operating with a high EQ and integrity
  • Those philanthropic organizations that benefit from your desire to be more than just a company or global entity
  • Your local business communities in which you impact by leveraging your influence to drive business and services and influence regulations in your market area
  • Your employees whom you create meaningful employment for, with opportunity to develop their talents and careers
  • Your family who you provide for and who count on you to keep yourself healthy mentally, emotionally and physically

When leaders understand the “WHO” matters more (even more than the shareholders who don’t have the same vested interest quite frankly), you will find yourself performing with a clearer vision, a voice for others, and a value to everything you work towards. You’ll also be able to withstand the shifting sands of market forces that threaten to take away the material pursuits by creating a community of people and support that is far sustainable and trustworthy.

(image: london.gov.uk)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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