Build A 2-Way Goal Process

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Setting goals is a key essential to achievement and growth for your organization. It’s the track on which your company will attain milestones in accounts, revenue, profits, and market reach, among other metrics.

There is always a balance to setting goals that are meaningful. Goals that are too aggressive wear people out and leave them demoralized, and often yield to ethical compromises juts to attain them at all. Softer goals don’t inspire and can leave organizations and their people stagnant by not stretching their skills and staying relevant with industry changes. With all of the components and methods that go into goal setting – strategic planning, SMART goals, alignment with company initiatives – many times the best goals set the company up for short term success but don’t bring your people along in developing their skills and talents.

A better method to create more sustainable goal setting is to align a 2-Way Goal Setting Process.

This method differs from the traditional top-down goal setting method of creating goals, then telling each staff person what they must do to achieve the company results. That type of goal alignment fails because it only generally helps the organization and not the teams or individuals that drive the company’s performance to begin with. Instead, 2-Way Goal Setting dovetails the individual development of people and teams with the company mission to grow your people – your talent – along with the growth of the organization.

So what does 2-Way Goal setting look like? Here are some ways to implement it into your company:

  • Identify corporate strategic goals. This is one of the vital first 2 steps to start. Knowing what your organization’s needs and mission are and threading your goals through them lay the foundation of the process.
  • Know your employees work and career goals. Use your employee review process (a good one, not one that measures against corporate goals as mentioned below) to acknowledge what the skill and talent needs of your people are.
  • Involve HR as well as team and company leadership in each step. If your HR team is adept at providing development goals for your people, involve them in the process of skill development that threads through company success goals.
  • Create Individual, Team, and Company (ITC) milestones. By either using the above methods with HR individual development ot taking the company goals and reverse engineering team and individual performance through organizational steps, you can create a synergy of congruent efforts that maximize alignment and success.
  • Set up course correction milestones. this gives a good indication of where goals get missed before they are missed – whether through individual efforts or company guidance. By having correction milestones, you can minimize both discouraging efforts that fail and keep things closer to being on track, ensuring both company and people benefit in the achievement overall.
  • Reward ITC successes. Likewise, acknowledging small milestones along the way, both with a singular thanks or reward in addition to team acknowledgment will spur people on the keep focused on the goals at hand.
  • Envelop 2-way goal setting in the employee performance process. Circling back to HR, keep everything you do as part of developing both company goals as well as relevant employee development tools. Make this the DNA of your organization as you plan strategically for the next many years.

You can still use the traditional goal setting methods of SMART and other such methods but keeping the focus on the 2-way process will generate a better level of congruency and alignment, as well as effectiveness in reaching the goals with better overall results.

Have some great methods to have 2-way goals in your organization? Share them below!

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