How To Change A “Suck Up” Culture


Do “Suck Up”s persist in your organization?

You know, those people that would rather endear themselves to leadership by behaviors other than doing their job to the best of their ability in the greater interest of the team. They flatter the boss, promote themselves to upper management, pretend to have the best ideas, and

There are many subtle ways a “suck up” can creep into and overtake your organization.

How do you prevent, or even change, a “suck up” culture? Try the following strategies below:

  • Treat all people fairly. If you’re consistent through your leadership in how you treat people, your folks will see that they won’t get extra attention by hanging all over you or creating drama to gain it. People that would tend to suck up want extra favors, attention, and any benefit in their jobs that they can garner. Giving your team equal attention and fair treatment is a great start to ensuring “suck-ups” find a dead-end.
  • Give everyone the same access to resources for their job. Sometimes it’s easy for leaders to give extra resources to the people they like the most. Employees can sense this and make it into a way to leverage their working relationship for extra favors and inside information.
  • Prevent “squeaky wheel gets the grease” syndrome. Employees resent those teammates that always hang around the boss or complain loudly to get extra attention and favors. The most vocal person tends to get the most attention, even if their requests aren’t urgent or important. Prioritize and qualify each person’s request on equal merits to ensure no one whines their way to your ear.
  • Don’t let your ego or the ego of your leadership get stroked. “Suck-ups” know who to praise their boss and stroke his or her ego. It’s natural in those circumstances to give favor to those who make your ego feel good. Practice the example of humility by setting ego aside and don’t let other’s try to leverage your emotions and pride for their benefit.
  • Promote a team culture. Having a strong team culture ensures everyone works together for mutual benefit and not personal gains per se. a strong team environment helps mitigate the opportunity for “suck-ups” to take root and makes sure that your people – and leadership – are committed to a greater cause and focus. Work at instilling a team-oriented culture that will weed out those that would manipulate their bosses.

“Suck-ups” are just leeches with two legs. Their contribution to the organization is nothing more than self-serving and very rarely contributory to the team as a whole. Purposefully cultivate an environment that does not give “suck-ups” a toehold and guard your leadership to be firm in a team approach.

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